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Terms and Conditions of Use

Our Saxion World is a Saxion initiative. Our Saxion World is subject to some rules that are laid down in these Terms and Conditions of Use. As soon as you start using Our Saxion World you agree to these conditions. Derogations to these Terms and Conditions of Use are only binding if Saxion has accepted them in writing.

Article 1. Registration
1.1    Our Saxion World allows you to set up a profile and contact other users. Saxion does not mediate in the actual contact but does monitor appropriate use of the service.
1.2    Only students, employees or alumni can use Our Saxion World. You must register to use Our Saxion World. Students and employees must state their Saxion user name and then link it to their LinkedIn account. Alumni must register using their LinkedIn account. After registration, authentication takes place behind the scenes to check whether you fall under one of these groups. Once registration is completed you can sign in to your account directly and use Our Saxion World.
1.3    Public company data is shown automatically on Our Saxion World. If you want your company data to be removed then please let Saxion know. Saxion will then remove the data.
1.4    Because the objective of Our Saxion World is bringing users together, registering under your own name and linking to your LinkedIn account is compulsory. If you object to the use of LinkedIn please contact Saxion.    
1.5    You are responsible for the security of your own account, i.e. you must protect your user name and password from use by unauthorised parties. Saxion may assume that you are the person signing in to your account unless you have informed Saxion that someone else has access to your account.

Article 2. Rules for use
2.1    You may not use Our Saxion World for anything which is in breach of Dutch or other applicable law and regulations. This includes saving or distributing information on Our Saxion World that is libellous, defamatory or racist, as well as creating profiles under someone else's name or presenting yourself as someone else or as an administrator/moderator of Our Saxion World.
2.2    In addition it is not permitted on Our Saxion World:
    •    to use offensive language;
    •    to distribute information which is pornographic or erotic (even if it is not illegal);
    •    to distribute information breaching any intellectual property right or to place hyperlinks to such information;
    •    to aid others in breaching the rights of third parties, such as linking to hacking tools or explanations about computer criminality that are evidently intended to enable the reader to commit the described criminal acts and not to defend himself against them;
    •    to infringe the personal privacy of third parties, for example by distributing personal data of third parties without their consent or repeatedly harassing third parties with communication that they do not wish to receive;
    •    and further anything that is in breach of netiquette.
2.3    If Saxion establishes that you have breached the above conditions or receives a complaint in that respect Saxion may take action to terminate the breach.
2.4    If in Saxion's opinion, problems, damage or other risks to the functioning of Saxion's computer system or network or that of third parties and/or the Internet services have arisen, in particular due to excessive sending of e-mails or other data, leaking personal data or activities of viruses, Trojans and comparable software, Saxion is entitled to take all measures that it deems reasonably necessary to avert this risk or to prevent it.
2.5    Saxion is entitled at all times to report any established criminal offences.
2.6    You indemnify Saxion for all claims from third parties in relation to information that you post.

Article 3. Availability and maintenance
3.1    Obviously Saxion will do its very best to guarantee that Our Saxion World is online as much as possible. However, Saxion cannot guarantee that Our Saxion World will always be online.
3.2    Saxion actively maintains Our Saxion World. If maintenance is expected to lead to restrictions on availability, Saxion will carry it out when it is relatively quiet on Our Saxion World. Maintenance will be announced insofar as possible in advance. Maintenance in relation to malfunctions on Our Saxion World may take place at any time and will not be announced in advance.
3.3    Saxion may adjust the features of Our Saxion World from time to time. Your feedback and suggestions are extremely welcome. Please use our e-mail address at the end of these Terms and Conditions of Use.
3.4    In the event of contingencies which do not concern Our Saxion World (such as natural disasters, terrorist attacks, war or civil commotion) Saxion may still decide to temporarily switch Our Saxion World off. This is in order to protect the users so that they cannot be localised by third parties via Our Saxion World.

Article 4. Intellectual Property
4.1    Our Saxion World, the pertaining software and all information and images on Our Saxion World are the intellectual property of Saxion, its contractors and/or licensors. They may not be copied or used in any way without separate written consent from Saxion, except in those cases where allowed by law.
4.2    Any information that you publish or save on Our Saxion World is and remains your property. Saxion has a right of use to publish this information on Our Saxion World and anything related to it, including advertising of the service. If you do not want to be used in this advertising you can let Saxion know. Saxion will then no longer use your information in this advertising.
4.3    The right of use in the last paragraph is given for an indefinite time period and cannot be withdrawn in the interim, with the exception of the right of use for advertising. If you close your account we will remove the information at first request.  
4.4    You may amend or remove information that you have published or saved via the service at your own discretion.

Article 5. Liability
5.1    You are responsible for anything that you do on Our Saxion World. Saxion therefore does not accept any liability for the use of Our Saxion World except in the event of intent or gross negligence.
5.2    Saxion is explicitly not liable for indirect damage, consequential damage, lost profits and lost savings due to Our Saxion World not working or not working properly.
5.3    If you experience any damage caused by intent or gross negligence on Saxion’s side then you can report this damage in writing within two weeks of discovery to Saxion.
5.4    In the event of force majeure Saxion is never required to reimburse the damage caused. Force majeure will include malfunctions or breakdowns of the Internet, the telecommunication infrastructure, power cuts, civil commotion, mobilisation, war, transport gridlocks, strikes, lockouts, business interruptions, delays in deliveries, fire and flooding.

Article 6. Term and termination
6.1    The accounts of students who have graduated will be automatically converted into an alumni account unless they delete the account themselves.
6.2    The agreement with Our Saxion World commences as soon as you use Our Saxion World for the first time and is for an indefinite time period.
6.3    After entering into the agreement you can terminate it at any time by deleting your account.  

Article 7. Personal data
7.1    Your personal data will be processed on Our Saxion World. By registering you give consent for all forms of processing that fall within the scope of Our Saxion World. Please see Saxion's privacy and cookie policy for more information.
7.2    A link to your LinkedIn account is needed to use Our Saxion World. All details that are public on your LinkedIn account will also be public on Our Saxion World since Our Saxion World displays a direct link to your LinkedIn account.

Article 8. Amendments to the conditions
8.1    Saxion may amend these conditions at any time.
8.2    Saxion will announce the amendments or additions on Our Saxion World at least thirty days before they take effect so that you can read the amendments well before they take effect.
8.3    If you do not wish to accept an amendment or addition you can delete your account before the date of effect. Use of Our Saxion World after the date of effect applies as acceptance of the amended or supplemented conditions.

Article 9. Other provisions
9.1    Dutch law applies to these Terms and Conditions of Use and Our Saxion World.
9.2    Insofar as not otherwise prescribed by the rules of mandatory law, all disputes in relation to Our Saxion World will be put to the Dutch court having jurisdiction in the district where Saxion has its registered office.
9.3    If a provision of these Terms and Conditions of use appears to be void, this does not affect the validity of the rest of the Terms and Conditions of Use. In that case parties will establish a new replacement provision, which approaches the intention of the original provision insofar as possible.
9.4    Saxion is entitled to transfer its rights and obligations from the agreement to a third party taking over the company activity in question.
9.5    For questions about Our Saxion World or these Terms and Conditions of Use you can contact us at:

Handelskade 75
Postbus 501, 7400 AM Deventer
Telephone: 0570-603400
E-mail: hbsfrontoffice@saxion.nl